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"Muslim gunmen pulled the trigger, but the available record,

including government documents, strongly suggests that Malcolm X was the victim of a government -inspired political assassination."

 - William W. Sales, Jr. From Civil Rights To Black Liberation:

   Malcolm X and the Organization of Afro-American Unity 

  (Boston: South End Press, 1994)


The Assassination of Malcolm X on February 21, 1965, at the Audubon Ballroom in New York City was a moment of maximum

trauma for Black people in America. This tragic event created a wound in Black America’s body politic that has not healed in

57 years. During this time, salt has been poured into this open wound by the same people who created it by killing Malcolm X.

Within two hours of the assassination, the New York Police Department (NYPD) falsely claimed that the Nation of Islam was guilty

of Malcolm X’s murder. This claim has never been proven, and at the time the NYPD first made it they knew the claim was a lie.

They knew because the NYPD helped the U.S. government execute the plot to assassinate Malcolm X. Nevertheless, this false

claim of Nation of Islam responsibility for the murder of Malcolm X, a claim that originated as NYPD propaganda, has now

become a pillar of the scholarly and popular Malcolm X Narrative. 

            Our work set out on a herculean task: impeaching the dominant Malcolm X Narrative, which is in large parts a false

narrative. Netflix cemented the false narrative in six full episodes. We thus had to produce 1000 pages with 3000 footnotes to

dethrone it. In the process, we had to take to task several of the architects of the Malcolm X False Narrative, namely Manning

Marable, Bruce Perry, Karl Evanzz and ZakKondo. We have not onlydeconstructed the False Narrative. After a meticulous forensic investigation of the Assassination of Malcolm X – the type of investigation that had not been previously attempted by scholars

– we were able also to offer a convincing corrected narrative that differs radically from the dominant narrative. 

            A key difference that separates our investigation from previous scholarly examinations of the Assassination of Malcolm X

is our much greater use of the available files: the six volumes, 4414 pages of The People of the State of New York vs.

Thomas Hagan et al. Record on Appeal. Supreme Court Transcript; the 5,160 documents of the Malcolm X Assassination Case

File in the New York Municipal Archives; and the over 9,600 declassified FBI, CIA and NYPD files on Malcolm X. Availing

ourselves to the breadth of this material and the wealth of data contained therein provides for a fuller picture of the murder than

what Malcolm X scholarship has previously offered. Our forensic investigation, for example, has uncovered both the long-sought smoking gun as well as the Rosetta Stone of the Assassination of Malcolm X.  The latter has been buried for decades in the over five thousand documents of the Malcolm X Assassination Case File Records. Today we therefore have a clearer understanding of the

various forces behind this great crime. 


After 57 years, the burden of the false claim of culpability in the Assassination of Malcolm X has now been lifted from the

shoulders of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, the Honorable Minister Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam.      

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