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Dr. Wesley's Works


Understanding the Assault on the Black Man, Black Manhood and Black Masculinity

“The Minister [Farrakhan] has been exposing the various aspects of the assault on the Black man, while being mocked and called a drum major for Black paranoia, and a conspiracy theorist, by the mainstream press,” Dr. Muhammad told The Final Call. “But he has also been vindicated in everything he’s said to us because all of the aspects of the assault and conspiracy on the Black male that he’s warned us about, we have the documentation that bears witness to his words. We even have outright confessions.”

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1. Understanding the Assault on the Black Dr. Wesley - Black Manhood and Black Masculinity

The Pot Plot:
The Weaponization of Marijuana and Hip Hop

The Black man loves his weed. Few potheads, however, are aware of the fact that marijuana was covertly weaponized against black people. cannabis was one of the earliest drugs investigated by the central intelligence agency as part of its Project Mk-UTRA which sought to :gain control over human behavior through cover use of chemical and biological materials." Black people were the frequent targets and guinea pigs for this project. An enhanced form of marijuana that hit the streets in the 1970s and 1980s was flown into the country from Latin America but CIA assets. It thus came through Agency hands before it fell into potheads' hands. This is the story of the Weaponization of Weed, the Weaponization of Hip Hop and the Scientific Assault on Black America. 

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The Book of God:
An Encyclopedia of Proof
That The Black Man is God

True Islam's 1997 cult classic is back in print in a new, revised edition. The Book of God has been called 'the bible of the Black God,' as it presents a wide range of scientific, historical, and scriptural evidence demonstrating that the Original Black Man is the God of the world's religious traditions, from the religious traditions of the Ancient Near and Far East such as Kemet (Egypt) and India to the Biblical religions and Islam. 

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